Dedicated to improving lives through adherence to the teachings and values of Judaism, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles works to overcome challenges and achieve purposeful goals that benefit the Jewish community.


Mission Statement

The Jewish Federation leads and unites the Jewish community of Los Angeles toward a common vision focusing on key areas:

  • Caring for Jews in need, including the poor, senior citizens and Holocaust survivors, children and adults with special needs and those living through crisis
  • Ensuring the continuity of the Jewish people and supporting a secure State of Israel
  • Engaging and mobilizing the community on social issues of the day

Some of The Jewish Federation’s programs include:


Koreh L.A.

A high illiteracy rate is one of the greatest crises confronting the city and society, even posing an existential threat to the “People of the Book.” The Federation works to promote literacy and close the achievement gap in Los Angeles public schools. Its volunteer children’s literacy program, Koreh L.A., is the largest in the city, having trained and placed over 15,000 volunteer reading partners to reach 20,000 students in the Los Angeles Unified School District.


Hunger Initiative

More than 1.7 million people, including nearly one in every three children, experience daily struggles with hunger and food insecurity in Los Angeles County. Through advocacy, donations and volunteering, The Jewish Federation mobilizes the community to work in partnership with policymakers and non-profit and faith organizations toward alleviating these issues.


Service and Volunteerism

A core tenet in Judaism is tikkun olam, which means “repair of the world.” To that end, The Jewish Federation strives to educate and empower volunteers to serve their community through meaningful action. The Federation holds regular community service days, bringing volunteers together to work on projects to address such issues as poverty, hunger and environmental sustainability.

Basing all of its initiatives on Jewish values, The Jewish Federation serves as the hub of the community, attending to its needs and leading it to make a positive impact on the world.