How to celebrate the seed of your charity. Self Reflection.



In our previous post, we’ve outlined the very first steps in developing your charity. Let’s take some time to focus on the first step: finding your mission. This first step in an important decision that will most likely change as you begin the hard work of planning and implementing your ideas. However, it’s a beautiful reflection of your passions and inspiration to directly change the world. Not everybody has the ability or desire to embark on this journey. Those who do, are often individuals with a thirst for bettering the lives of others. To celebrate your spirit and to dig deeper into the heart of your mission, let’s take a moment to focus on the motive.

Take a few minutes to recall a memory or experience that has directly impacted you. Think of this moment as the seed to your call to action. This event might have happened when you were a child, first discovering the social injustices of the world. Or perhaps, you’ve supported a family member or friend going through a difficult illness or disorder. Take a moment and think about this seed.

If you’re comfortable with creative expression, why not try writing about the experience for a few minutes. Set a timer for five or ten minutes and allow the words of your past to fill your page or computer screen. Describe the event. Describe how you felt. In what ways has the experience followed you in your life. You shouldn’t be concerned with spelling or even the content of your thoughts. Simply follow the direction of your memory and write it down.

If the idea of free-writing seems foreign to you, that’s okay! While creative writing is not a daily habit of most people, it can be an excellent way to engage in deeper self-reflection and memory extraction. When you’re finished writing, save the draft. It’s okay if the writing doesn’t reflect your charity or mission. The point of the exercise is to dig deeper into the “why” of this endeavor. By having a firm grasp on your own motives, you’ll be able to execute the project with more clarity.

While this creative exercise is not a mandatory step in developing a charitable organization, it certainly provides a quiet, reflective outlet that can guide your motives, your mission, and your plan as you move forward.


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