This year, more than 100 golfers rallied together to support the Los Angeles chapter of Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The organization partnered with the El Caballero Country Club to organize and host the all-day event that was held on Wednesday, September 14th.


This year marked the tournament’s 33rd year annual event that the El Caballero community has held in honor of the ADL.


The tournament featured a lively day of activities, including 18-holes of golf accompanied by a BBQ lunch. The day of golf was followed by a dinner, presentation, and a live auction. This year the dinner was attended by more than 200 guests. Together, the event raised more than $250,000.


“The support and encouragement of the El Cab community, led by all of you, is incomparable,” wrote Franci Blattner, Events Manager of the Anti-Defamation League in Los Angeles.


In addition to raising support for the ADL, the tournament also recognized community leaders who act as agents of change. This year, the event honored Alan Wiener, an active member of the El Caballero community.


Previously, Alan Wiener served as the king of the Valley Jesters. Weiner was a major funder for the new building of the temple. He also started the El Cab foundation, a charitable organization that raises money to help employees of the El cab community. This foundation assists the employees and their families with their needs, including tuition for their children, and major dental work costs.


Also honored at the event was Providence Tarzana Medical Center. Providence Tarzana Medical Center is the major hospital in the Tarzana area and one of the rising stars in the hospital industry today. Currently, the hospital is building a new campus around the existing campus and has developed many innovations to better serve their patients. Providence is also a leader and utilizer in the Magellan Robotic Systems. This advanced technology provides a new level of precision, allowing physicians to perform fast, accurate, and predictable procedures.


El Caballero Country Club participates in several charity tournaments each year. The community is proud to host this annual event and support the ADL, which provides invaluable services to the LA community at large. The organization seeks to eradicate the “virus of hate” through successful initiatives such as providing education, training, and protective services to people across the globe.


“It was an honor and privilege to raise money for this great cause and to serve on this golf committee. If you haven’t given money yet, consider donating today to keep the good work going,” said Stephen Koppekin. Koppekin serves on the ADL committee and his pictured below in the black shirt.

El Cab Community Raises Money For ADL

Stephen Koppekin serves on the annual Committee to raise funds for LA’s Chapter of ADL