The Valley Jesters have planned an event at the Junior Blind of America facility in Los Angeles, California. The event will include meeting with the students, touring the facility, and having a brunch with the faculty and current students. During the brunch, the Jesters will make their annual donation to the school. This is a wonderful and uplifting event to see the work being done for children with visual difficulties.

The Junior Blind of America has spent more than 50 years operating a supportive community for the visually impaired. Located on Angeles Vista Boulevard in Windsor Hills, the facility offers programming for children and adults. Their services range from providing a welcoming residential program to a day school that provides students with the growth they need to succeed academically. Each program provides individualized instruction and state-of-the-art sensory stations to accelerate learning and curiosity. In addition, the Junior Blind of America adopts a 1:2 teacher to student ratio and employs instructors and staff members who are extensively trained in special education.

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Those who are unable to see or cannot discern between light or dark are considered blind. The condition affects more than 11.4 million Americans. What causes the impairment? Cataract affects the majority of those disabled, followed by injuries, glaucoma, and congenital conditions. While aging contributes to a large percentage of the blind population, the youngest individuals suffering from the condition often face a lack of resources and support. Organizations like the Junior Blind of America create structures that equip students and parents with the skills they need to succeed. By prioritizing safety throughout the facility –classrooms, playground, field trips, students can focus on developing reading, writing, and critical thinking objectives, the school’s unique atmosphere makes it easy for students to engage socially with one another as well, a critical component to any educational experience.

The Valley Jesters are excited to spend the day at the school to talk with the program’s current residents and students. The Jesters are contemplating making additional gifts to numerous other children’s charities this year, making 2016 the largest giving year in history for the Jesters. As the Crown Prince of the organization, it’s been an exciting time to participate in a club that directly impacts the community in so many ways.

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The Valley Jesters is a unique social and charitable organization located in the Los Angeles Area. One of the charity’s largest goals is to create meaningful connections. They achieve this in multiple ways. First, they schedule monthly dinners where members of the Jesters gather in a social setting. Often they invite community leaders to speak and to share their experiences in the L.A. area. Recently, the Valley Jesters welcomed two LA City Police Officers who spoke about neighborhood safety. This separates the Valley Jesters from a more traditional country-club group. By opening up the doors and inviting community members to their dinners, they connect to the larger world. In addition to the dinners, the Jesters support numerous charities each year, like the Junior Blind of America and multiple golf tournaments. By combining camaraderie with charity, the Valley Jesters create meaningful connections and contributions to the greater Los Angeles area.

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